Disability Commission

The Differently Abled persons are those who are either born with disability or the victims of circumstances for reasons beyond their control, and the resultant misfortune places them in a disadvanteous position as compared to the able persons.

As per 2001 census Karnataka has a disabled population of 9,40,643 out of which 6,61,139 persons live in villages and 2,79,904 in urban areas. The literate differently abled population is 4,73,844, which constitutes 51.40% of the total differently abled population. Most of the families with disabled persons live below poverty line. Lack of facilities and opportunities prevent disabled persons from gaining suitable. Education, Special Training & suitable skilled Employment. Unemployment remains a major challenge and inactiveness results in multiple disability and depression among the disabled persons.

It is necessary to provide opportunities for them to study, to get trained in skill sets and get jobs to work. It should be kept in mind to provide barrier free environment at the place of education, training and place of working. Mobility is another aspect, which needs to be looked into. The existing Govt. machinery may not be sufficient to implement all the schemes therefore Non Governmental Organizations are involved in the education and rehabilitation programmes of the department. The NGO’s are active in the field of education and rehabilitation. There is no grass root level agency to provide and disseminate the information about the schemes and programmes of the Govt. This gap needs to be filled. It is necessary to establish a platform to provide career guidance and counseling to the differently able persons.


Welfare of Disabilities

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