Kinnal Tableau- in -Republic- Day -Parade

Kinnal town is famous for toys and religious idols.

Kinnal has an immensely rich artistic heritage. It was once a flourishing centre for crafts, the most well-known being exquisite carvings in wood. The famous mural paintings in the Pampapateshwara Temple, and the intricate work on the wooden chariot at Hampi, are said to be the work of the ancestors of the Kinhal artisans of today.

The artisans are called chitragara. Lightweight wood is used for the toys. The paste used for joining the various parts is made of tamarind seeds and pebbles. Jute rags, soaked, slivered into pieces, dried, powdered, and mixed with saw dust and tamarind seed paste is made into kitta. A mixture of pebble powder paste with liquid gum is used for embossing the ornamentation and jewellery on the body of the figure. Once the components of the figure are assembled, kitta is applied by hand all over, and small pieces of cotton are stuck on it with the tamarind paste. Over this is applied the pebble paste which forms the base for the application of paint.

Kinnal Tableau in Republic Day Parade

The State of Karnataka displayed a tableau themed on Kinnala Craft in India’s Republic Day

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  • Kinnal Tableau- in -Republic- Day -Parade Kinnal Tableau in Republic Day Parade
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