Krishnadevaraya's tomb

This 64 pillared Mantapa is said to be Krishnadevaraya's tomb. It's a structure measuring about 50' x 50' with 64 columns of equal size in a 8 x 8 array.

Venkatapathi Bavi

The huge Kanakachalapathi temple built by the Naiks of Kanakgiri.There is a royal bath constructed by Venkatappa Naik on the ourskirts of Kanakgiri.

Mahadeva Temple Itagi

Built in 1112 A.D by mahadeva, a General (Dandanayaka) of the Western Chalukya king. It is one of the best in the country both in magnificence of its architectural style and luxuriant decorative detail.

Pampa Sarovar

Pampa Sarovar is mentioned as the place where Shabari, a disciple of the Rishi Matunga, directed Rama as he journeyed southwards on his quest to redeem Sita, his wife, from the demon king Ravana.

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