Public Gravience Cell(PGC)

Public Grievances Cell has various user levels where in the complaints registered will be tossing. This software also generates the reports which the DEO has to be submitted to the CEO office daily.

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Monthly Programme Implementation Calendar

Monthly Programme Implementation Calendar (MPIC) helps in preparing implementation calendar for each plan and non-plan scheme setting out details of steps to be taken at the District Level for effective implementation of plan and non-plan schemes from the very beginning of the financial year.This helps in aggregating all the schemes/sub-schemes of each Department for generating a top sheet summary for each Department at the District level..

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Paper Less Office(PLO)

In the traditional way of file process in any office, files are moving physically from table to table. The top management is directly depending on the lower level officer/officials for each and every queries called by the citizens / government. This has attracted lot of criticism to the top Officers. It was very difficult to know the status of file pendency, clearance of file in each caseworkers level. This paper less office is designed to assist the Higher Officers as “OFFICE TOOL”. 

Koppal is the Second district to implement PLO in Karnataka. PLO at DC Office Koppal has started in August 2012. Since then all the files of DC Office are digitalized and are moved in PLO itself.

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Disabilities information system

This application is implemented to Disabilities dept. in accordance with monthly data entry of records and they can get Consoldated reports also.

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District Website

District Website which contains all the updates,Statics,Notofiations and other district related information updated continuously.

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Gram Panchayath President/Vice President Reservation System

Before this software, it was very difficult for the DC officials to fix the reservation for Gram panchayath President and Vice Presidents and they use to work with more than 20 officials for one full day for one taluka. By using this software 2-3 officials can finish the process in one and half hour per taluka. This saved lot of man power and time. This software is executed in a taluka place front of all the elected members of Gram panchayath (around 700 members) in an open hall. Since this process involves lot of logical conditions and hence, was leading to confusion to members as well as the officials to answer any queries. To overcome this confusion and to bring the transparency in this process the Deputy Commissioner has requested to develop this software.


An application was developed locally for webcasting. Using this DC/CEO can communicate to all the locations where there is no Video Conferencing facility. And also its help in election purpose to monitor polling station,counting centre and others.

Network Monitoring

NIC network is continuously monitored. This reports the access of malicious websites or unwanted websites by the users. Websites which are not required can be blocked from accessing.

Students Internet World

The �Students Internet World Program is an initiative from the Karnataka Government, Department of IT, BT&ST to promote ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to the School students community and it is conducted across the states from 18th,19th and 21st November 2013.

This endeavor is fuelled by the belief that the Internet has the power to transform the lives of citizens in the hinterlands and open a whole host of opportunities that would not have been otherwise accessible to them. Whether it is in the field of education or in routine chores like paying utility bills, booking tickets, banking etc. the Internet has the potential to provide everyday conveniences, act as a gateway to a plethora of information and facilitate a host of functionalities encompassing entertainment, education, lifestyle and business.

The objective behind Students Internet World is to provide an experiential environment through an exhibition to visiting students whereby they can witness the various functionalities enabled by the Internet, discover its wonders and experience the magic of computers.

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Students Internet World